Create Flow Culture™

Training and Experiences that transform your culture so your people can BE in their excellence and feel whole, happy, and fulfilled in their work.

Training for Managers

Beyond Engagement™ Leadership Training

Your teams are producing their best work. Collaboration happens with ease. Their synergy creates innovative outcomes that far exceed expectations. At the end of the day people leave inspired, fulfilled, and are looking forward to the next day’s work.

This is not a fantasy. It’s the workplace culture that Diane Allen experienced extensively as a Violinist. As the Concertmaster of an orchestra (lead Violinist and second in command to the Conductor) leading by example was key. In order for deep engagement, collaboration, ease, and synergy to happen, Diane had to be both the model and the catalyst.

Now as a Speaker, Trainer, and Coach, Diane shares her proprietary process helping Managers to first, rejuvenate by connecting what they LOVE to the work that they DO, and second, by empowering them with the specific steps to do the same for the members of their teams.

Training for Teams

Flow Culture™ – Group Flow Training

Your team is in the middle of a challenge. Everyone is giving it their undivided attention. Ideas and insights are coming in from out of the blue. Collaboration happens with ease. The sum of the parts is clearly greater than the whole and being a part of this synergistic environment is riveting.

What if this wasn’t a lucky moment? What if teams had the know-how to ignite Group Flow™ on a daily basis?

This is the training that teaches you how.

Speaker, Trainer, and Coach, Diane Allen shares her proprietary process with Teams helping them to find their synergy and ignite Group Flow.

Storytelling Capstone Event

Flow Culture™ – Creating Culture Flow

By now, your employees know how to bring their best selves to work. Leaders continue to empower their teams. Teams experience a synergistic state of group flow daily. When the significant results that people experience are shared company-wide, not only does it create a contagious state of flow throughout the organization, it fosters a sense of purpose, belonging, and the kind of excitement you get from being a member of the winning team.

Flow Culture™ goes above and Beyond Engagement™

Here’s how it works…

  • After going through the FLOW training, employees will be encouraged to identify where they are seeing results from getting into their flow more often.
  • Taking these experiences, Diane will teach your employees a simple framework for turning their experiences into a story.
  • Stories will be compiled in an appealing format to be shared with all.
  • A set number of employees representing each level of your organization will be identified and coached to share their stories at an inspiring celebratory company-wide event.